GIF Wiki: What Are GIFs?

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A GIF or the Graphics Interchange Format file, is a bitmap image format. It was created by CompuServe and it was head by computer scientist, Steve Wilhite. Browsers support the GIF files as well as applications and operating systems.

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GIFs allows different formats to be used. It supports up to 8 bits per pixel for each image. This allows for a single image to refer to its own palette of 256 various colors that are chosen from the 24-bit RGB color spectrum.

GIF Animation

file animation of quantum mechanics gif wikimedia commons

GIFs weren’t intentionally made to use animations, but the feature to hold multiple images in one file was the reason to use animation in the first place. Changes were made and the Graphics Control Extension (GCE) is created as an add-on.

This allowed images, or frames, to be scheduled through time delays, forming a video or an animation. GIFs are unique because they can various in size. Don’t confuse GIFs with videos, even though a video can be converted into a GIF image.

How do GIFs differ from videos?

Videos can be animated as well. What sets GIFs apart from videos is the lack of audio. Remember, they are just images.

GIF On the Internet

GIFs are all over the internet. We’re bringing some directly to you. The funny ones at least. You can even find them on social media. They can be used to express ideas or they can be scraped videos that are shortened.